What We Do

Our Mission

Grassroots Marketing was formed to give great brands great representation. We know that the best way to connect brands to customers is through sharing the opportunity to experience the difference themselves. We combine data driven approach, a passion for service quality, and a cloud based demo reporting platform to allow us to service any scale of need and customization.

Quality First, Seriously

We have genuine respect for the brands we are allowed to represent and realize we are being trusted with showcasing their unique missions every time we demonstrate or staff events. Our diverse team come from different corners of the food world and are all required to take online courses to maintain their knowledge of food systems and nutrition. Our team is passionate about caring about what they are representing!

Data & Analysis, Simplified

Our commitment to transparency and quality are only possible thanks to innovative technology. We use a cutting-edge data management system that captures all the data that comes out of any demo campaign and channels it into a consistent, concise, and customizable format every time. Our goal is to show you the honest performance and let you evaluate the results without any smoke and mirrors.